Taking care of wood

While some woods are harder than others, all are susceptible to scratches and cracking. Take care and be gentle with your wooden earrings to ensure their longevity. 
The polish on these earrings can also fade from rubbing on your skin or from contact with other materials. You can slow this process down by storing away from other jewelry and on a soft surface - using care when handling.
Occasionally the wood may lighten in color as it dries and require oil and a little polishing. Simply use a soft cotton cloth to gently polish them back to a shiny condition, and if necessary, a few drops of mineral or cutting board oil. A little oil is all you need. If this doesn’t do the trick, or if an earring breaks, please contact us and send a photo to see if the earrings are repairable.
I hope you enjoy these unique pieces of the Sierra Nevada.
Additional care tips:
Like all wood products, wood earrings prefer a stable climate and humidity
Try to keep earrings dry
Do not leave inside a hot car
Do not wear while having a parrot or large bird on your shoulder
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